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The Pureis® Village

At Pureis, our values are important to us. We care about your wellbeing; we want to share with you all of our tips and knowledge on how to look after your wellbeing, but more importantly, we want to hear from you. We would very much like you to come join our Village and share with us your feedback.

Our Village has a lot to offer. We have our in-house resident doctor, Dr Philip Pritchard offering free, practical tips on a variety of wellness issues.

We are also very excited to share with you our mental fitness and wellbeing coach, Neil O’Brien. Neil is Ireland’s number one corporate conference speaker on the topic of mental fitness and wellbeing and the author of Time To Fly!. This book is available in all good bookshops and online.

From an early age, there are expectations imposed on us defining what we should be doing in certain times of our lives. We are given the instructions on how to follow through on these expectations. What we fail to get are the tools for managing our wellbeing to help us meet these expectations.

At Pureis, nothing gives us greater pleasure than to share some tips on how to manage our wellbeing. We acknowledge we don’t have all the answers, so that is why we would like you to share insights with us in our Village.

Village Watch

Mood fitness:

Neil explains why mood is emotional, not logical, and why our different moods don’t define who we are. He also offers some strategies to help you get past certain emotions that might be getting in your way.

Bounce Fitness:

Neil O’Brien is Ireland’s number one corporate conference speaker on the topic of mental fitness and wellbeing and the author of Time To Fly.

About Pureis:

Learn more about Pureis Ultra Pure CBD – the first CBD food supplement clinically proven to be safe, and scientifically created to ensure it has 0% THC, offering a quality assured CBD free from toxins and pollutants.

Dr. Pritchard:

Meet our in-house resident doctor, Dr Philip Pritchard, who has 40+ years of experience with a special interest in sports medicine. He’s here to answer your questions and offer helpful tips on wellness.

Back Pain:

Dr Philip Pritchard discusses back pain which affects two thirds of the working population.

What makes Pureis unique

Wellness is multidimensional; there are various dimensions of wellness, for example, physical, social, emotional, mental, spiritual and environmental. Failure to look after any subset can have knock-on effects to other subsets.








Our Educators

Dr Philip Pritchard

A qualified doctor who’s worked in Cheltenham General Hospital, Dr Pritchard began his medical career in anaesthetics, where he learnt most of his injection techniques whilst working in intensive care. A sports enthusiast, having played at both professional and amateur levels in the areas of rugby and horse racing, his desire to train racehorses meant a change in direction to general practice. In preparation for this, he did much psychiatry, notably at Coney Hill Hospital. He became a partner at the Culverhay Surgery in 1991, performing most of the orthopaedic, minor surgery and gynaecology at the practice.

He retired from full time NHS work in 2016. In early 2000, he studied sports medicine at Bath University and is a Founder Member of the Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine. His interest in sport has resulted in him working with the Exercise Physiology department at Liverpool John Moores University especially in the aspect of weight management and nutrition. Currently, he is medical advisor to the UK based riders of the New Zealand equestrian team and the “go-to doc” for the majority of National Hunt jockeys, mainly flat jockeys, as well as aged rugby players.

Neil O'Brien

Having worked for a bank for 24 years, Neil O’Brien decided it was time for a change. In 1998, he founded Time To Fly! and has since become Ireland’s number one corporate conference speaker on the topic of mental fitness and wellbeing. Neil is a published author in this area and his debut book, Time To Fly!, published by Liffey Press, is available in all good bookshops and online.

Neil also coaches elite and professional sportspeople on their mental fitness and has advised Ryder Cup, Walker Cup and Curtis Cup golfers, pro and elite athletes, Davis Cup tennis players, the GAA and the FAI. He was also the first “life coach” to be featured on Irish television and contributed regularly to such prime time programmes as Open House, The Health Show, The Health Squad, The Mentor, and The Clinic.

Pureis® Testimonials

The testimonials reflect the real-life experiences of individuals who used our products; however, individual results may vary. Pureis® is not responsible for the opinions or comments posted on this website. Testimonials on this website are not intended, nor should they be construed, as claims that the products mentioned can be used to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease. To the contrary, our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Being a busy mum of three kids under the age of three, I take Pureis and this is the product that works for me. I am now a Pureis advocate.

Sophie, 25+ years

My daughter introduced me to Pureis, what a great product. I use Pureis now as part of my daily routine.

Fiona,45+ years

I love my Pureis product, I love the taste of the oil and I love the packaging. I take my Pureis products everywhere with me.

Faye, 45+ years

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