Why CBD?  People take CBD for many reasons for sleep, to coping and much more! Contrary to popular opinion CBD is non addictive and won't give you 'high'. CBD helps work in harmony with the receptors in your body that need the most attention.

To really understand how CBD works in the body, we must understand the inner workings of the Endocannabinoid system (ECS). We all have an ECS in our body and it kind of works like the assistant football coach, it ensures that all facilities are maintained, all the players do what they’re supposed to and generally keeps things ticking over to support the wider systems like the immune system, cardiovascular system, and our central nervous system.

This internal system plays a crucial role in regulating our mood, memory, energy levels, bone density, sleep and much more! After all, it isn’t natural for your body to feel pressure, worry or to be nervous. When you take Pureis® CBD, it binds to receptors within the ECS system to maintain balance, returning our bodies back to their natural state.