Pureis® Ultra Pure CBD:  1st CBD company in the world to receive dual validation

Pureis® Ultra Pure CBD: 1st CBD company in the world to receive dual validation

Press Release

2nd March 2021

Pureis® Ultra Pure CBD:

1st CBD company in the world to receive dual validation from European Food Safety Authority and Food Standards Agency UK

As authorities prepare to introduce regulations to the CBD market, meet Pureis® CBD, the 1st CBD company to receive a Validated Novel Food Application from European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the Food Standards Agency UK (FSA).

The Food Standards Agency UK has given CBD companies a deadline 31st March 2021 to have a validated Novel Food License application submitted. CBD brands without a validated application will be removed from the UK market.

What this means is not only are they in pole position to be the 1st CBD company in the world to be granted the much sought after Novel Food License in both the EU and UK, Pureis® Ultra Pure CBD will remain on the UK market while they go through the formal assessment period.

The purpose of the Novel Food application is to ensure safety by way of clinical studies and compliance within the CBD industry so consumers can have access to safe CBD and purchase products with confidence. 

Prior to the classification, CBD companies under the vagueness of the law, gave way to an unregulated sector. The validation of their dossier in the EU and the UK upholds Pureis® CBD’s position as leader in the market and goes beyond the industry standard.

Over the course of 18 months and an excess of £1.5 million investment, Pureis® CBD had already completed a full suite of clinical studies necessary to meet and satisfy the EFSA and FSA UK when CBD was classed as a ‘novel food’.

Commenting on the dual validation of their dossier, Founder of Pureis® Ultra Pure CBD, Chanelle Lady McCoy said:

“During a time when there is so much uncertainty, Pureis® CBD is here to cut through the noise. From the beginning of this journey, it was vital to us that we brought products to market which were backed by clinical studies. This enabled us to give our customers the necessary reassurance that they are receiving, high quality, full certified CBD products.

“Novel Food Approval is a positive step in the right direction for breaking the stigma around CBD in the market. Only through industry taking the lead can this stigma be addressed. We are proud to be setting a benchmark for compliance.”

Pureis® Ultra Pure CBD is the 1st CBD food supplement globally to use FDA registered raw material, the 1st CBD food supplement to be backed by clinical studies on the UK & Irish market, making it clinically proven to be safe. Pureis® CBD has 0% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), meaning it does not cause a “high” and is not addictive. Pureis® CBD is Ultra Pure and mimics the DNA of the plant; with NO toxins or pollutants, NO traces of THC, NO other cannabinoids, NO terpenes, NO heavy metals, NO pesticides, and NO insecticides. It is simply Ultra Pure CBD.  

Caroline Glynn, Co-Founder of Pureis® Ultra Pure CBD adds:

Around 8 million people in the UK alone take CBD, these customers are searching for a legitimate, reputable CBD brand with the backing of clinical studies. We are incredibly proud to be that brand for many. Being stocked in retailers such as as Boots and Holland & Barrett, as well as multiple pharmacies, we are determined on creating more accessibility to our CBD products.

“While having clinical studies in place is necessary for Novel Food, we don’t intend to stop there. We will persist to generate more clinical data on the wonderful properties of CBD. With this in mind, we are continuing to invest in further efficacy studies in a range of clinical indications.”

With a thriving ecommerce site, Pureis® CBD is stocked across many pharmacies including Boots, as well as Holland & Barrett stores and have plans on the horizon for many more stockists by the end of 2021.



Caption: Pureis® Ultra Pure CBD, 1st CBD company to receive a Validated Novel Food Application from European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the Food Standards Agency UK (FSA). Pictured: Pureis® CBD Founders Chanelle Lady McCoy and Caroline Glynn.

For more information or to request an interview with our Founders, please contact annie@chanellemccoy.com

About Chanelle McCoy Health

Chanelle, Lady McCoy and partner Caroline Glynn worked together for over a decade in Chanelle Pharma, now Ireland’s largest indigenous pharma company, where they developed the medical business, achieving 2,500+ product licences and penetrating 96 global markets. They founded Chanelle McCoy Health, driven by their strong belief in CBD’s healing properties and desire to bring a high-quality product to the market supported by clinical trials. Chanelle, Lady McCoy was awarded the All-Ireland Business Champion Award 2018 for her outstanding achievements in business leadership. She was a Dragon investor on the popular TV series Dragons’ Den, and recently ranked “no. 23 in the 50 incredible people shaping modern Ireland”. She is married to the 20 times Champion Jockey Sir AP McCoy OBE.


Pureis® Key Facts:

  • 1st CBD food supplement backed by clinical studies on the UK and Ireland market
  • Pureis® has invested heavily into safety and toxicity clinical trials
  • Pureis® Ultra Pure CBD only contains CBD
  • Pureis® raw material mimics the DNA of the plant, which guarantees nothing else will be present in the product
  • 1st CBD food supplement globally to use FDA registered raw material
  • Free from toxins and pollutants (the plant source of CBD can contain traces of THC, other cannabinoids, terpenes, heavy metals, pollutants, pesticides, insecticides, is weather dependant, can have crop failure and is very difficult to get consistency from batch to batch)
  • Pureis® 0% THC – Government ‘Home Office’ confirmation
  • Pureis® CBD does not cause a “high” and is not addictive
  • Pureis® is uniquely formulated to improve absorption;
  • Our formulations are fast absorbing; it is widely known that CBD is poorly absorbed orally and, in some cases, only 6% of CBD is absorbed and the remainder is excreted, as reported in the literature. This is known as “first pass metabolism”.
  • CBD is extensively broken down and processed for excretion by the liver. Our formulation has been carefully designed to enhance bioavailability, which improves absorption 
  • Pureis® – quality guaranteed by GMP certification
  • Pureis® comes in great tasting and odourless oil and capsules
  • Pureis® is suitable for vegans
  • Pureis® packaging includes braille and ASMR appeal

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