The Importance of a Good Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep is a dream we all share. Getting regular, good quality sleep is one of the most important things you can do to maintain overall mental and physical health and wellbeing. However, many of us nowadays don’t manage to achieve adequate rest for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s down to stress, anxiety or other factors like environment or lifestyle, our sleep can often be disrupted, leaving us with less energy, reduced concentration and an overall feeling of unwellness and even heightened stress and anxiety as a result.

Good sleep is essential to living a healthy life. Continuous poor sleep not only leads to a lack of concentration, reduced energy and an increase in irritability and stress – making facing the everyday challenges of work and life even more difficult – but in the long term has been closely linked to various health issues like obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Getting regular, good quality sleep in the long term is something we should all strive for to enhance our wellbeing and overall mental and physical health.

Improving sleep is a common problem, please see some tips and advice on improving your sleep:

  • Switching off from all electronic screens and devices an hour before bedtime is essential to ensure your brain isn’t overstimulated and the blue light they emit doesn’t disrupt the body’s creation of melatonin, aka the sleep hormone.
  • Crawl into bed with a good book instead of your phone, laptop, tablet or TV and prepare your body for a restful, dream-filled slumber.
  • If you use the alarm on your smartphone to wake up, swap this for an old-fashioned alarm clock.
  • Getting regular exercise also improves the quality of your sleep.
  • Mediation and yoga can help clear your mind which aids in the relaxation.
  • Eating a healthy, balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and B vitamins.
  • Drinking alcohol has been shown to reduce rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, leading to a feeling of tiredness the next day, so if you’re really having trouble sleeping, consider reducing or even omitting alcohol from your diet in the short or long term.

We at Pureis Ultra Pure CBD hope you find some these tips will help you to achieve a better sleep routine, leading to an enhanced quality of life and better overall health and wellbeing.



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